Complimentary Design Service! For a limited time, we’ll create a custom kitchen design for you at no additional cost!

Full Service Option

The DKD Process is Tailor Made Just For You


Step One :
Choose a cabinet style and color

We have dozens of style and color choices in a quality we
stand behind.
View cabinet styles and colors


Step Two :
Showroom Visit

This is where the Magic starts to happen and the cabinets you have seen online come to life. See samples of our styles and colors
in person.
Schedule a showroom visit


Step Three :

An inch can be a mile in this process so we need to get it right and on a solid foundation from the start. We’ll come out and measure your kitchen to get the specifications we need.
Schedule a showroom visit


Step Four:
Complimentary Professional Kitchen Design and Consultation

We employ advanced design software to create your dream kitchen. We will create a 3D model of your new cabinets. We'll chat with you by email, phone, or in person until you're ready to order.

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Step Five :
Shipping and Delivery

If we are handling the installation for you we will ship the cabinets directly to our warehouse, where we will assemble them before transporting them to your property for installation. Delivery typically takes two to three weeks.


Step Six :

We are handling all of your installation needs, so we will send a professional installation crew out to your property or home to install the cabinetry for you.

Before & After

Our DIY Service

Are you a do-it-yourselfer looking to order all wood kitchen cabinetry at wholesale prices? You’ve already crafted your design and taken your measurements and now you want ready to assemble cabinets shipped directly to youUse the copy you have on the current site, but please get rid of the clip art.  Make something complimentary to go along with the boxes on the FULL service steps.


You have just about every option in cabinetry available for you with DKD. View Styles and Colors

Step 1: Pick Your Style and Color


Every tiny line of your measuring tape is important to the process. If you feel comfortable, send us your drawings or schedule a measuring.

Step 2: Measurements


This is where it starts to come to life and our team of professional designers is here to assist so it's right the first time. Let us know if we can help!

Step 3: Kitchen Design


RTA cabinets ship packed flat and "ready to assemble." Our team can assemble your cabinets and deliver them to you ready to install. Cabinets come "homeowner-friendly " to build with a few minimal tools and glue. If it seems overwhelming, we can do this part for you.

Step 4: Assembly of Cabinets


This is where the savings continue with you doing your own installation. It can add a feeling of accomplishment once you see your great work completed!

Step 5: Installation


Our professional team will take the time during your in-home installation to answer any questions you might have. Part of the value of working with DKD for all of your cabinetry needs is you are guaranteed your project is completed efficiently and correctly.

Step 6: On-Site Consultation